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Sand screening equipment as well as milling Matériel

In December, 2017 The company received an assessment of the level of AAA credit rating of the gravel enterprise in 2017, as well as the name "Innovative Enterprise" and "Outstanding Enterprise" in the field of gravel aggregate in the whole country. In November 2017, "research and use of load large-sized feeders with the grand Staircase" took the third prize of the 2nd National Competition of Innovative Technologies (Henan Division), the complex for preparation of gravel with the style Accueil and vsi6x The centrifugal shock crusher with the vertical shaft vsi6x was related to the international advanced level. " In August, 2017 The highly efficient hydraulic cone crusher hpt500 is recognized as the second major technical product batch in Henan province in 2017.

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In December, the mb5x series Pendulum Mill is launched, the company won the Innovation Award in the sphere cumulative in 2016, won the award of outstanding entrepreneurs. In October, received the certification "Intellectual Property Management system", until then, received effective patents 106 PCs, including patent invention 4pcs, patent exterior 12pcs, a new practical patent 90pcs. In September, the C6X series Brush Crusher and the f5x series vibrating feeder are launched. In August, the Rotary crusher on the series ci5x is launched. In July won the quality award. In June, the shock crusher in the series vsi5x with a well-known brand received special incentives for support. In May the vibrating screen on the series S5X, the belt conveyor on the series b6x starts. Komania helped to create a conference of calcium carbonate industry in 2016. In April helped the Chinese Lime Association to create an eighth member meeting and Exchange meeting on the technology of metallurgy and lime. In March the shock crusher with a vertical shaft on a series vsi6x starts. In January, the TSW series vibrating feeder starts. About